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Our Village on the Gargano, is close to some of the most important worship places in all the Puglia Region: San Michele Archangel, San Giovanni Rotondo.

The Sanctuary of San Giovanni Rotondo has an international fame that is linked to San Pio da Petrelcina. The whole Sanctuary has different sacred places to be visited: the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie; the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie; the Church of Saint Pio, planned by Renzo Piano, a masterpiece of the contemporary era , with 7.000 seat places, 12 fountains, 21 olive trees; the Via Crucis Monumentale in marble and bronze, compound by 16 statues that represent the 14 stops; the risen Christ and the statue of Saint Pio.

The city hosts, furthermore, one of the most known hospitals in the South of Italy, the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, built according to the wishes of the Saint.

Monte Sant'Angelo is also a destination for pilgrims.

According to the tradition, the grotto, where the Sanctuary is, has been consecrate after the Archangel Michele has appeared here. The Sanctuary, over the centuries and after different dominations, changed its appearence till the present: a upper level, compound by the facade and the bell tower, and a lower level, to which it is possible to access thanks to the long stair (89 steps) that leads to the grotto, to the Museum and to the crypta.

The worship paths on the Gargano are really interesting for their history and art.

By taking advantage of one of our offers, one can have the chance to cross these famous roads of worship that cross the whole Puglia.

Info: www.visitsangiovannirotondo.com- www.santuariosanmichele.it -www.montesantangelo.com

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